Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dangerous New Opiate

The prescription drug craze for Oxycontin that has spread across the United States for the past decade was originally spurred as doctors got the powerful new drug in place of Hydrocodone, which -- though still an opiate -- is much milder of an opiate than Hydrocodone. With this new stronger drug, those that were already addicted to opiates began to switch over for Oxycontin's more powerful effects. On the other hand, patients who had never previously been prescribed any sort of opiate were beginning to get prescribed this drug as well. With as powerful as Oxycontin is, those individuals became addicted to the drug quite quickly.

This change of popularity from Hydrocodone to Oxycontin may come again this year, to a more powerful drug known as TD Hydrocodone. TD Hydrocodone is the purest form of Hydrocodone ever synthesized; and while this is good news for those in severe pain that suffer side effects from the ancillary chemicals found in standard Hydrocodone, this could lead to almost instantaneous chemical dependency for those who abuse it.

New Dawn Treatment Center in California treats many patients with addictions to prescription medications every year through its chemical dependency treatment programs. Many of these patients have severe addictions to Oxycontin. For drug treatment professionals, the prospect of an even more dangerous, more addictive, and purer form of the drug they already treat dependencies to, is frightening.

Learning lessons from the release of Oxycontin, pharmaceutical companies and doctors know the risks associated with TD Hydrocodone, and medical professionals are sure to be hesitant to prescribe this drug to just any patient, but it will be available and the danger is still there. Those already addicted to opiates like standard Hydrocodon are at the highest risk for abuse of the new TD Hydrocodon. The world's purest form of the drug you are addicted to, is quite enticing for an addict, and they will surely go to great lengths to obtain the drug. Once it is out on the streets, it could spread rampantly.

This is proof drugs simply will not go away, they actually keep getting stronger and more dangerous. All the more reason for addicted individuals to seek treatment right now. It will not go away on its own, and it will continue to get worse until you seek treatment.

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